From 6th to 9th November 2019

The Public Broadcasting Service of Vojvodina “Radio-televizija Vojvodine” is organizing 17th TAKTONS at its traditional place, in the premises of Radio Novi Sad.

The aim of the competition is to get an insight into the achievements in sound recording during the past two years and give professional evaluation of technical quality of the sound recordings based on ahead set, uniquely defined partial and impartial parameters. Improving quality achieved in the field through creative application of the contemporary technologies, both in radio and television, is a duty imposed by the profession. The competition may significantly contribute to promoting of program production among radio and television auditorium, while at the same time it represents a remarkable challenge leading to improvement of knowledge and skills of all program creators.

During the competition, renowned equipment producers, for both radio and TV, with their presence open possibilities for “Taktons” participants and visitors, alike, to familiarize themselves with latest devices, both at boots and in workshops. “Taktons” has an advantage: it provides both for competitors and exhibitors with possibility to try out and hear the equipment operating in real acoustic conditions since “Taktons” is taking place in Radio Novi Sad studios / (studio space).

A selection of speeches gives the participants insight into the newest technologies in sound recording, whereas the immediate contact with audio masters is the ideal opportunity for exchange of experiences. This is a place where young operators can learn what they have always wanted to know and never could ask.

Also, a scientific-professional conference (FACULTY OF TECHNICAL SCIENCES, UNIVERSITY OF NOVI SAD) in the field of acoustics and audio techniques will be held this year. This way we shall successfully close the circle connecting the science with the production of sound recording and processing equipment, and creative application of the profession.


Organizational Committee

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Technical organizer

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